Are you planning a weekday wedding? Here are a few things to remember

Here are four concerns when pondering having a weekday wedding. From advance guests list to saving money

Are you planning a weekday wedding? Here are a few things to remember RBA

First Published Sep 11, 2022, 6:00 PM IST

No one is stopping you from considering the other days of the week to have your ceremony, even though weddings have historically been held on weekends. If a couple cannot reserve their dream venue or wants to get married on a specified day, a weekday wedding helps minimise their wedding expenditures. However, weekday weddings inevitably have certain logistical challenges, so it’s wise to be prepared.

Here are 4 considerations to make when thinking about having a weekday wedding.

Save on money
If you’re on a limited budget, consider having your wedding during the week. The busiest days for weddings are weekends and major holidays. Thus they are also the days with the highest prices. Moving your ceremony to a day when they are not already committed to bringing in clients like as on a weekday, would likely get you a better deal.

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Invite your guests in advance
The main challenge in organising a wedding on a weekday is the likelihood that some of your invited guests won’t be able to attend. Send the invites out at least two or three months before the ceremony to give guests time to make plans for time off work and any required travel arrangements. This will enable you to invite the greatest number of guests to your wedding.
Your wedding ceremony may feel a little more low-key: 
Weekday weddings may feel a little more relaxed because many guests have responsibilities at work the following day. It could be substantially more difficult for some vendors to provide service than on the weekends. Additionally, it could be more challenging for your guests to obtain approval for any necessary leaves of absence to attend a weekday wedding if you try to give them short notice of your nuptials.

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Plan wedding ceremony in the evening
Consider holding the ceremony in the evening so that your important guests can attend after they finish working. You may even organise the cocktail hour before the wedding to lighten the atmosphere and cheer up your guests travelling from far away locations or from their places of employment. A wedding held at sunset or under the full moon may also be elegant and romantic.

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