60 People Got Married When McDonald’s Arranged McDrive Thru Weddings

Marriage was on the menu at McDonald’s when 60 people got married in the drive-thru of one of the restaurant chain’s locations in Sweden. The restrictions in recent years have resulted in long queues at the Swedish city halls this summer. McDonald’s, which always strives to make the good choice easy and accessible, therefore decided … Read more

Uprising: Why Ella Jones Wants to Challenge Preconceptions

Now a director at Chromista, Ella Jones’ creative beginning actually lies in acting – something she began professionally at the age of just six years old. Going on a decade-long adventure with her father, who was also her chaperone, she travelled the world acting in film, TV and theatre before starting to make films and … Read more

Zola Is Sending a Wedding Invite to the Entire Senate in Response to the Respect for Marriage Act

Arts & Letters has launched Zola’s new work around the Respect for Marriage Act, by placing a full page ad in the Washington Post that urges senators to vote to pass the law. The ad ran on the back page of the newspaper on Tuesday, September 13th. Marriage equality is an urgent matter close to … Read more

The Grammys | GRAMMY.com

Sometimes when a band crests and then disappears for a while, their legend only grows. My Chemical Romance is one famous, recent example; they certainly proved that with their ongoing blockbuster tour. And Porcupine Tree is comparable in their own way, as the English band’s recent return has generated a tremendous buzz among their acolytes. … Read more

The Grammys | GRAMMY.com

Presented by GRAMMY.com, Living Legends is an editorial series that honors icons in music and celebrates their inimitable legacies and ongoing impact on culture. In the inaugural edition, GRAMMY.com caught up with Dave Davies, the pioneering lead guitarist of British rockers the Kinks. Dave Davies may have planted his flag as the lead guitarist and … Read more