Wedding Dress: Family wedding dress keeps passing down from one generation to another for over 72 years. Watch video

A $100 dress has been worn eight times in
72 years and handed down generations to adorn the bride as she walks down the aisle.

The dress was first worn in
1950 by Adele Larson after her husband picked it up from Marshall Field’s department store in Chicago. It’s a long-sleeved dress that seems ancient for most young ladies today.

The collars, too, are high and not an inch of skin is revealed, which again might be a bit too traditional in style for most wannabe brides now. The series of satin buttons down the front is also probably a no-no for today’s fashion tastes. However, the bride who wears it is considered a gem, a very precious material. For instance, Serena Stoneberg Lipari, the granddaughter and new age bride, felt it to be an honour to wear the wedding gown 72 years later in August 2022.

The accessories changed over the years, but the wedding gown remained the same. Serena, the last person to adorn this beautiful wedding dress designed so long ago, feels a bit of magic is associated with the gown.

The bride who wears it looks so charming and attractive. “Beautiful” is what all would-be brides aspire to be on their wedding day, and this dress fulfills just that.

Wedding insurance: 5 facts you must know


For a high expense event like a wedding, it may be a good idea to secure risks by buying an insurance policy.

1. Cancellation or postponement: It covers the booking amount and advance payments made to décor companies, food vendors, hotels, travel agencies, entertainment artists, among others, if the wedding is cancelled, postponed or rescheduled.

2. Damage to property/ valuables:It covers damage due to fire, explosion, earthquake, etc, to residence, wedding venues or sets and props, as well as loss of valuables due to theft or burglary.

3. Personal accident: This covers accidental partial or complete disability or death of specified members.

Public liability: It covers any injury or damage to third parties due to accidents during the wedding. (Compiled by Shaveta Dua/ET Online)

Netizens were quite thrilled with the small video that was doing the rounds. One Twitter user commented that $100 in 1950 now equals

Another Twitter user hoped that many more brides would be able to wear this dress in the days to come.

Weddings are a family affair, and a dress does knit the family together. At least that is what we can see is quite evident from the pictures of this adorable large family.


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Which is the oldest preserved wedding dress?
The dress is 200 years old and was worn by Princess Charlotte in 1816 in England.

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